Saturday, 23 April 2011

MOD Applications

Hey guys,
Well since our Forum was destroyed I thought I better give everyone another chance at MOD Applications.
If you want to be MOD read this article fully as not doing so could result in you not getting a job.
Okay so I need you to email with the following info.

Full Name:
Habplus Username:
Why we should hire you:
Standard Timezone:
For your timezone go to and click your location then look for standard timezone.
You must also attach a picture of yourself in real life. This is required and you will be declined if this is not a picture of you, We have ways of checking if the picture was taken from the internet.
Your application must be over 250 words, Any less will be immediately deleted.
This position requires knowledge of the rules of Habplus, You may be quizzed on these. If you send your application more than once without reasonable explanation it will be void. Asking staff if they got the job or emailing asking if you got the job will also void your application.
Goodluck :)

Read this

Hey guys,
We are about to go live again now we haven’t tested everything and bugs may occur. We have to wait till the DNS Resolves in New Zealand for us to check if the client works. This is a hassle and yeah. Some stuff will be missing etc.
All accounts that were made after 2days ago MAY be lost, If you cannot access the hotel please re-register. Once we get online I will be hosting giveaways etc which gives you a chance to win loads of rares.
If you purchased VIP and it is no longer there please email with your account name and we will re-gift you VIP.
Thanks :)


Habplus may be down for a significant amount of time, This is to prevent us from losing data. We expect 1hour (And its 4.50am here) I guess I won’t be sleeping :(
Sorry guys

Not online? Read how to fix.

Some people are still not getting access to the site, Firstly sign out. Then clear your cache. If that doesn’t work restart your computer

We are back!

Hotel status is online you will have to re-register and will have lost everything, We will compensate users that had rare’s for this, We are extremely sorry. Someone hacked us earlier causing us to lose everything, We now have methods in place to prevent this.
We are extremely sorry, I actually considered shutting down earlier but I thought no I wanna make users happy.
Once again extremely sorry!


Site is currently offline due to us changing a few things and getting shizz working properly
This downtime isn’t expected to be long, We will be back soon!

Back Online

We are currently online, If you have problems please comment.